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Glory :icondaslouis:DasLouis 0 0
“Keep looking, you’ll see it any second now.  There!”
I see a point of light flare briefly, and settle into the form of a new star in the area of sky I know to be the Orion nebula.  I am aware, however, it is more sinister than that.
“So, what did they do to deserve the birth of a new star in the immediate neighbourhood of their home planet?” I ask my companion, as he gazes lovingly at the site of the catastrophic impact of gas and dust that wiped out an entire species of only-recently space-capable aliens.
He smiles, just a little.  It’s barely noticeable, but I can see the mirth, or perhaps something else, tugging at the corners of his mouth.  “Defy.” he says, quietly, almost to himself.  “They believed in an all-knowing, benevolent god, and steadfastly refused to submit to the rule of the Enlightened.”
Enlightened.  That’s what we call ourselves.  Enlightened to the point where we ca
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Flight :icondaslouis:DasLouis 0 0
Mature content
Jerechiah :icondaslouis:DasLouis 0 0
Mature content
A Family Affair :icondaslouis:DasLouis 1 0
It took only a drop of antimatter, less than one millionth of a millilitre, but it leveled half a city.  Smoking ruins of houses, shops, offices, stretched out before me.  The containment system had failed, for just a brief moment, but it was enough of a leak to start a chain reaction.  A handful of anti-particles slipped into the magnetic walls of the reactor, causing a hole to appear in the toroidal field through which the rest of the reactor's fuel escaped.
In a fraction of a second a trillion anti-particles collided with their matter counterparts resulting in a catastrophically vast, uncontrolled efflux of energy, laying waste to the surrounding area.  
Two million, eight hundred and seventy-three thousand, one hundred and sixty-two dead.  A further ninety-seven thousand, two hundred and four injured, nineteen thousand and seventy-one of which terminally radiation poisoned.
No matter how you looked at this, it was an unmitigated disaster.  There would
:icondaslouis:DasLouis 0 0
The fire spread through my mind, faster than it was spreading through the house.  Neurons flared, pathways burned, and I watched the destruction wrought my by own hands.  I talked softly to myself; the plan was proceeding as - well, as planned.
In my hand was the crystal chalice she had given me for our fifteenth anniversary.  A cocktail of barbiturates, methadone, and absinthe glimmered softly, the liquid swirling lazily inside the glass as I rocked from side to side.  I hummed our song gently, and took another sip of my drink.  She looked so serene.
Flames danced in my eyes.  The fire had really taken hold now, floor and furniture ablaze.  I winced slightly as I heard the first crack of supporting beams but watched the ceiling fall in, bringing down the contents of the room above and showering me in sparks.  I took one last look at her face and left.
I took the back door, through the alley between houses, and began meandering along the road.
:icondaslouis:DasLouis 0 0
Worst password ever.
"Welcome, Qwerty Monkey Jesus."  the security gate intoned.
I hate this place.  That is quite possibly the worst code name ever.
"Love money."  the gate again, testing my knowledge.
"Freedom, ninja writer!"  I replied.
Awful.  Just awful code phrases they use here.  Whatever happened to snow falling only in winter?  This is the worst intelligence agency ever.
As usual, I stepped through the metal detector with half a dozen knives concealed about my person, and as usual nothing happened.  I looked over at the security guard asleep in his chair, snoring through his hat.  As I passed I punched him, hard, in the stomach.  He awoke with a violent jolt, and fell forward to lie crumpled on the floor.  I made a mental note to do the same to the recruitment manager.
The elevator played terrible music as I stood in silence with various suited administration staff.  As the door opened I noticed the recrui
:icondaslouis:DasLouis 0 0
Carefully, with gloves on, I place the cheap, disposable phone into a clear plastic bag.  I take the knife from the hob, it's blade glowing dully in the half light of the evening, and use it's heat to seal the bag shut around the phone.  It's important that there is no way to trace it to me, no DNA evidence left behind.
Back to the hob, I gently stir the liquid in the large stock pot, being careful not to displace any onto the hob itself.  Despite using the largest pot I could find, it's still dangerously full.  With the greatest of care, the liquid is spooned laboriously into small bottles about 10 centimetres high, each capped with a small immersion heater.  Strapped to the side of each of the bottles are the bare bones of another disposable phone, wired into the heater.  At the moment, the phones are off; after all, safety first.
At my laptop, I peruse the map I have already committed to memory, running through the route in my mind for the thousandth ti
:icondaslouis:DasLouis 0 0
I watched in horror as the giant creatures unfurled from beneath the snow.  Beings of unfathomable size that would dwarf even the tallest buildings unfolded themselves, standing upright in a salute to the arctic sun.  Human in shape, they stretched vast limbs as they unfurled themselves, snow dropping in small avalanches to reveal a body of lichen encrusted rock.
Deafened by the noise of grinding stone, I turned to my companion and screamed at him to run away as glowing eyes sought us out amongst the moguls.  He stood, transfixed, and I ran to him, shaking him by the shoulders.  He stared blankly at the titanic creatures, clutching the ancient relic in his hands so tightly that even through thermal gloves blood began to seep, dripping down the blade and forming scarlet stalactites along its length.  I slapped him, hard, across the face.
Something appeared to wake inside him, and he stirred, dropping the knife.  He looked at me, and then behind me,
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Mature content
Acceptance :icondaslouis:DasLouis 0 0
Lightning crackled as the panicked creature fled through the city streets. A charred hole lay in the ground where the beast had burst through the false manhole leaving a window looking upon the bloodied floor of the laboratory. Heavy-duty cables lay scattered around a table bearing the shreds of various restraints. Technicians in specially modified clean suits mop the floor and tidy the debris as a single scientist in a lab coat and thick glasses looks up at the hole in disappointment.
"Really thought we had the containment figured out for that one. I was sure it was all about magnetic fields."
One of the technicians turns to the scientist, and leans on his mop. "You always think it's about magnetic fields. Have you considered just plugging it into a huge capacitor?"
"Yes, and it exploded. Where do you think I got this?", he points to a patch of darkened skin under one eye. "Capacitors..." he mutters.
The technician shrugs, and starts mopping again. The scientist looks at his watch, si
:icondaslouis:DasLouis 0 0
In A Moment
I have about three milliseconds to fix things. Well, in real time, anyway. I managed to extend that by squeezing time out of other moments and into this one. You know that feeling when something seems to be happening faster than you want? It's because your excited mind is compressing the event, and that extra time leaks into other moments, like when you're waiting for something you want. If you're clever, you can learn to redirect it.
Two bullets, one heading for her heart, one for her head. I haven't got a lot of options. The first I'm pushing to the side. It's burning my hands, and takes a lot of strength and spare time. It will miss. Just.
One bullet left. I haven't got enough spare time to move it out of the way. She won't understand how it happened but later, in shock, she will tell the story in fragments, voice filled with awe. The gunman is already making a run for it, dashing between discarded items, apparently frozen; a statue in amidst the flakes of the disturbed snow globe o
:icondaslouis:DasLouis 0 6
Garr, toast.
All across ye country, coast t'coast
Buckaneers be askin' me, what ye likes th'most?
I don't like t'brag, I don't like t'boast
So I tells 'em, I like me toast!
Yarr, toast!
We set sail at dawn, nigh on 6 am
We feast on jellied squids, and jam!
Ye takes thy bread, and place it ye slot
Set fire to a traitor, an' as 'e gets hot
Ye gets toast
Yarr, toast!
There be no treasure map, t' toastin' perfection
There be a dial on the side, an' ye makes yer selection
Turn it t'the light, or gunpowder an' then
If ye toast ain't ready, ye toasts it again
Ye make toast...
Yarr, toast!
When ye first pirate made 'imself a wood'n leg
He knew not what to eat with 'is eggs
Must've been a mighty fine thinker in 'is 'ead
Set ye traitor on fire, buy a loaf o'bread
Make ye toast...
:icondaslouis:DasLouis 1 6
There is an apple in a tree
Lit up at night for all to see
For in this apple you will find
The greatest of mathematical minds
A worm with skills unknown to man
Differentiate, he can
Laplace transforms are naught to him
And he calculates integrals on a whim
Hyperbolics came to light
While the worm did sleep one night
Exponentials filled the skies
While the worm was heard to cry
"I'm an artisan of maths, it's true!"
He couldn't tell his apple flew
With certainty toward the ground
His corpse the local thrushes found
I suppose it is now rather late
To tell you he'll reincarnate
He's gone a step up in the ladder
This time he will be an adder!
Safer, maybe, this time round
He intends to stay on the ground
And maths is something he'll forget
On that I'd place a hefty bet
And I would suppose that at the least
I should tell you how I know this beast
But for now let's call him a friend
You'll probably meet him in the end.
:icondaslouis:DasLouis 0 0
Ode to the Ninjafish
Oh Ninjafish we bow to thee,
And delight in your ninjery
Your shuriken are soaking wet,
And have not hit a target yet,
Your fins are bladed, razor sharp,
And though you stalk us in the dark
Dear Ninjafish we're not afraid,
Fear in our hearts you have not made
For though your teeth are sharp and bitey,
And your fishy muscles mighty
There is still one thing you forget,
You are just some poor students pet
Your bowl is glass, too thick to break,
An escape you have yet to make
And even though you plan each night,
Dreaming that one day you just might
Free yourself from captivity,
And bask in glorious liberty
The floor outside looks rather dry,
And that damn cat looks somewhat spry
The food comes to you every day,
And in its own refractive way
The view is really not that bad,
Your owner would be rather sad
To see his ninja gasping, flopping
On a floor that needs a mopping
So Ninjafish to you I say,
Postpone your flight, for one more day.
:icondaslouis:DasLouis 1 2


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